Full form of OTP and other related information.

Many of us might not know about OTP yet. You must have heard its name many times. what is otp OTP (Full Form of OTP What is the full form of in Hindi) For what use is it, we all have many questions regarding this. Nowadays this code is used everywhere in the digital world. OTP is a code that provides security to your online transactions.

As we all know, today’s era is the digital era, every type of work is done very easily through mobile and computer and in this era of digitization, it has become necessary that we do our online transactions and other types of transactions. Keep online information secure. The terror of cybercrime has also started increasing in the digital world, so it becomes necessary that every citizen should take advantage of online services keeping in mind their security.

Today we will give you complete information about OTP through this article. Today through this article you What is the full form of OTP, why OTP is used, what is OTP You can get information about etc. For complete details about OTP, read the article till the end.

Full Form of OTP (OTP Ka Full Form)

OTP whose full name is “One Time PasswordThis is the code that is provided to you during online transaction or filling your online form or online work related to bank. You receive this code on your mobile number. This is the code that gives you security for online transactions.

What is OTP?

OTP is used for online transactions and cyber security. This is a one time password that has a time limit whenever you login or register yourself on any website or do online shopping, mobile recharge, any When you fill the application form or government form, after filling all the information, OTP is asked from you through many websites, this one time password is sent to your registered mobile number, which you have to fill correctly. This password or code is called OTP.

Types of OTP (One Time Password)

OTP is used for secure transactions by e-commerce sites, internet banking, social network sites. There are many types of one time password like SMS OTP Which is used by most of the websites, most of the websites send OTP to your mobile phone number via SMS. Through voice message in which one time password is told to you through a call on your mobile phone number (VOICE CALL). It can be used while creating WHATSAP, FACEBOOK account. Sometimes you get OTP in your email ID.

Advantages/Features of OTP (One Time Password)

OTP which we receive on our own mobile number, let us know how this code / password can be beneficial for us –

  • OTP protects you from any kind of fraud that may happen during online transactions.
  • User authentication is simplified by OTP.
  • It has a certain time limit, after completion of this time limit, the OTP code cannot be used. You are provided with a new OTP on your mobile number by clicking on the option of sending OTP again.
  • If any other person knows the password of your account and that other person tries to login your account then he will not be able to do so because that person will need OTP for login which you will receive on your mobile.
  • You need OTP while opening new bank account, completing KYC, recharging mobile, creating new account, filling form and registering.
  • You can use One Time Password for Two Factor Authentication.
  • You can secure all your accounts by generating OTP.

Why is OTP used?

OTP is such a password Which is commonly used, it is a common password or code, with the help of which the user’s related data or his online information is protected. This password is different from the password created by the user, it is given on the website or bank’s website. But you are filling your details, after filling the information, this code or password is sent to you. Its use ensures that the user’s personal data is secure or not. Nowadays, your bank details are easily hacked by many hackers, in such a situation it becomes necessary to provide security to your personal data, OTP works as such a security shield.

Where is OTP used?

Hardly many people would know that where one time password is used. Let us know where OTP is used –

  1. OTP is used at the time of online transaction.
  2. This is used while login to the email id from another mobile or computer.
  3. It is used during net banking (online banking).
  4. OTP is used during online shopping.
  5. While creating Google Account, while creating Gmail (GMAIL ID) ID or YouTube, Google Pay, PhonePe etc.
  6. OTP is used while verifying your account.
  7. OTP is used for two factor verification.

One Time Password has a time limit

one time password This is a password that is used only once within a specified time frame. ONE TIME PASSWORD approximately the deadline of can be up to 3 minutes Within this time limit, you have to use the given OTP, after that if it expires then it cannot be used. You have to again select the option of SEND OTP (Send One Time Password), in this way you can get the new OTP on your mobile phone, remember to enter the OTP code within its stipulated time limit.

OTP Ka Full Form FAQ’s

What is the full form of OTP?

Full form of OTP One Time Password Is.

OTP is of how many digits?

OTP can be from 4 to 8 digits, its digits are not fixed.

Why OTP is asked?

OTP is a security code that prevents online fraud and authenticates the genuine user.

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