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Where some people are upset because of their obesity. So some people are also troubled because of thinness. Excess obesity and excess thinness both are not beneficial for our health. People who are thin They also keep on doing many measures to become fat. And people who are fat. They also keep working hard to become thin. People resort to many medicines to get fat. As long as you take medicines. Till then you stay fat. We do many things to get fat. But only a few get benefit from it. Thinness can be due to many reasons. For example, stomach disease, thyroid problem, due to stomach ulcer, due to stress or exhaustion, due to hormonal disorder. Being thin is also made fun of by the people with us. today we you home remedies to get fat going to tell With whose help you can become fat.

Home remedies to strengthen the digestive system

Home remedies to get fat |  Home remedies to become obese
Home remedies to get fat | Home remedies to become obese

home remedies to get fat

  • Consume aswagandha – You can take aswagandha to increase your weight. You can consume it with hot milk. To increase obesity, drink one or two spoons of ashwagandha and butter mixed with warm milk every day before going to bed. You will start feeling its effect in a few days.
  • Consumption of asparagus and licorice – You can consume licorice and asparagus to gain weight. It is helpful in increasing our weight. Along with this, it also strengthens our digestive system.
  • By consuming milk and banana – If you are too thin And you have to increase your weight. So you can also consume milk and bananas. To gain weight, you can consume 4 bananas daily and milk in the morning and evening. You can also consume banana in the form of banana shake. If you want, you can also eat banana by making a smoothie with curd.
  • dry fruits – You can consume dry fruits to gain weight. You can boil 3-4 dates, figs and raisins in milk daily before going to bed.
  • Consumption of sprouted grains – If you want to increase your weight, then for this you can consume sprouted grains. Sprouted pulses have more protein than non-veg. For example, pulses like gram, moong dal, soybean, cowpea can be kept wet. And when they start sprouting then there is excess of protein in them. Which is beneficial for our body. Along with increasing the weight, it helps in strengthening our body.
  • Consume more calories To gain weight, you should consume high calorie foods. Consuming things like potatoes, milk, ghee, bananas, mangoes, chikoo, dates, honey, sweet potatoes, bread, rice and chocolates, almonds, cashews, nuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, fruits and milk whey also helps in increasing weight. Is helpful.
  • Eating a good amount of protein People who are non-vegetarian. He can include fish, egg, chicken, meat etc. to increase the amount of protein in his diet. Along with this, you people can also consume parties. Because protein is found in abundance in pulses.

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Home remedies for obesity FAQ’s

What to do to get fat fast?

If you want to get fat quickly, then follow all these things, like: – You can drink milk daily, as well as eat 3 to 4 bananas daily, if you eat non-veg, then it must be a time add in your diet. Make proof grains a part of your diet, potatoes can also be included in it.

What is the reason for the thinness of the body?

There are many reasons behind the thinness of the body due to which the weight of the body does not increase. Like :- Thin people often do less activity, it is necessary to have activity in the body throughout the day so that metabolism remains correct. The reason for being thin is also due to consuming calories, or it also happens due to genetics.

How to eat food so that it is applied on the body?

Food should be chewed well, yoga, pranayama or any exercise should be done after waking up in the morning, drink the right amount of water throughout the day, after eating food and sometime before eating food. Fasting can also be done for one day in a month, which will give a chance to refresh the digestive system.

Which juice should we drink to gain weight?

If you want to gain weight then include these juices in your diet: Mango, Chikoo, Banana Avocado etc. By including these in your diet daily, the weight will increase easily and the body will also remain healthy.

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