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At present, mushrooms are very much liked in food. After all, apart from being delicious, it is also full of nutritious properties, in such a situation, there is a good demand for mushrooms in the market. Any farmer brother who wants additional source of income for income Mushroom farming There might be a better option for them.


Mushroom cultivation can be done not only by farmers but also by non-farmer citizens as mushrooms can be grown in rooms as well. In such a situation, you can earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating mushroom from the small rooms of the house. Through today’s article, we are going to tell you that Mushroom farming what is the essential element for and How much you earn from mushroom cultivation (Mushroom Price) Can do

how to cultivate mushroom

Mushroom is found almost everywhere, which is also called Kukurmutta in the local language. In the rainy season, it often grows on its own in many places, rotten woods and other moist places, but it is not edible. Commercial production of edible mushrooms (Mushroom Farming) is generated through Mushroom is a type of fungus in which all the essential elements present in the human body such as carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are found, so that it plays an important role in our health nutrition.

Apart from this, other food products from mushrooms like noodles, chuckle, jam (fig mushroom), Sauce, Cookies, Sev, Chips, Soup, Papad, Toast, biscuit, gym supplement powder, Kheer, Bread and pickles are made. Also, with the increase in health awareness, the consumption of mushroom has also increased. Mushroom Farming Can be a profitable deal for you and even with less investment and less space Mushroom cultivation You can earn a good profit from it.

Mushroom Thousands of species are found in the world, but only a few percent of these mushroom species are edible. Different types of mushrooms are grown in our country according to the weather and geographical structure and environment of different states. Apart from this, seed grant and training programs are also organized by the government for mushroom cultivation, so that mushroom production can be encouraged.

different species of mushrooms

Thousands of species of mushrooms are found all over the world, but the edible species are few. In our country, mainly 3 species are used for mushroom production, whose details are as follows: –

Dhingri Mushroom

Dhingri mushroom The cold weather is considered suitable for the production of Dhingri but in the coastal areas of India where the humidity is up to 80 percent, it is best for the production of Dhingri mushroom. This species of mushroom produces very well in moist environment and you can earn a good profit through crop in 45 to 60 days.

White Button Mushroom

Most commonly eaten mushroom species in the world White Button Mushroom It is only This mushroom species, which is found in most of the vegetable markets, is white colored in the shape of a semicircle, the middle part of which is embossed. Its cube is initially kept at 20 to 22 degree temperature and after fruiting it is kept at 14 to 18 degree temperature so that it gives better production. 80 to 85 percent humidity is the ideal temperature for white button mushroom cultivation.

Milky Mushroom

of mushroom milky The variety is produced in the plains of the country for which it requires 80 per cent humidity. The germination of their seeds is good at 25 to 30 degree temperature, while after fruiting, 30 to 35 degree Celsius temperature is ideal for the seeds of this species.

Shiitake Mushroom Variety

mainly grown in japan Shiitake mushrooms It is semi-circular and light red. In the beginning, 22 to 27 degree temperature is ideal for the germination of its seeds, while after fruiting of the seeds, it is required to maintain a temperature of 15 to 20 degree.

Important points for mushroom cultivation

For mushroom cultivation important points Take care of

  • Mushroom cultivation is done in closed rooms where mushroom cultivation is done in rectangular moulds, in such a situation it is necessary to take care of suitable things. Also, mushroom cultivation is currently being done by using green houses and using other techniques.
  • Suitable moisture is required for mushroom cultivation because fungus can grow only in moist places, so it must be checked that there is proper moisture at the place of production. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have suitable temperature for different species.
  • To give moisture and necessary nutrition to mushroom seeds, rice, grass or straw of other crops is boiled and seeds are planted in sacks, where you will need to maintain the necessary humidity through a cooler or other device to maintain moisture. .

Preparation of base material for growing seeds

Mushroom Agricultural wastes are used for the nutrition required for growing, in which rice and maize straw are considered more suitable than other agricultural wastes. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that this straw should not get wet in the rain or get wet in any other way. its length 8 cm Should be up to cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose by this manure containing microflora is made in which the cube of mushroom is developed. Initially, a dark room is required for the germination of mushroom seeds, but after germination, they require moisture and at least 6 hours of open air, so make sure that there is a suitable means for airing in the production room. Ho.

Sowing Process for Mushroom Production (Mushroom Seeding)

For sowing mushroom seeds, first of all, you have to prepare rectangular boxes with grooves where you have to produce mushrooms. A plastic layer should be made at the bottom of these boxes and a layer of 6 to 8 inches of compost should be made on top of it. After this, sow the mushroom seeds ie spawn well and cover it well with plastic. You can spread 500-750 GM spawn in 100 kg of manure. After this, keep checking their requirement of moisture and fertilizers at regular intervals and supply their essential things as per the requirement.

of mushroom Harvesting, Yield and Profit

Mushrooms are ready for harvesting after 30 to 40 days of sowing. The mushroom should never be cut with any tool, rather it should be plucked from near the ground by rotating it with light hands. After that you are ready to sell it. When the market is at a long distance, you should use proper method for storing mushrooms.

You can easily sell 1 kg of mushroom with an average length of 9 cm in the price of Rs.200 to Rs.300 per kg, after which you can easily earn a lot according to the production. The price of mushroom also depends on the species, in this case you can earn more profit by choosing a good variety.

take care of these things

Mushroom Before production in cultivation, it is necessary to take care of all the necessary things like availability of space, required temperature and moisture and selection of the right seed. Apart from this, to protect the mushroom seeds from heat, you will also have to maintain the required temperature. Along with this, it is necessary to arrange storage of seeds and necessary storage for product safety after mushroom production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Mushroom Cultivation

What are the things that need to be taken care of for mushroom cultivation?

To cultivate mushroom, you need to take care of proper place, temperature, light, moisture, fertilizer and nutritional requirement. Along with this, it is also necessary to take proper training for mushroom cultivation.

From where to get training for mushroom cultivation?

Various schemes are operated by the government to provide training for mushroom cultivation. Apart from this, training for mushroom cultivation is also provided by the state governments and voluntary organizations. You can get acquainted with the nuances of mushroom production by participating in related programs.

What is the required temperature for mushroom cultivation?

Different species of mushrooms grow at different temperatures, so the temperature may vary. However, the ideal temperature for this is cool climate and moist environment such as coastal areas and cold regions of the country.

How to do mushroom cultivation?

To do mushroom cultivation, you have been provided complete information through the above article. Through the related article, you can get complete information related to mushroom cultivation.

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