Use of alum in toothache

alum whose chemical name potassium aluminum sulfate Is. this one colorless crystals in which anti bacterial properties As many medicinals are present, it is very common in appearance but many nutritional elements present in it are very comfortable in toothache. Many people use many types of medicines or chemical pastes in toothache, but even after this they do not get relief from toothache, in such a situation, by adopting home remedies, you can get relief from your toothache by using alum. . The medicinal elements present in alum are beneficial not only for toothache, but also for removing many diseases and problems of the body. so let’s know use of alum in toothache how it is done.

Know the use of alum in toothache

By using alum in toothache, many problems of teeth go away like.

  • In the problem of severe tingling in the teethUseful – Many people have a problem of sharp tingling in the teeth after eating cold or hot things, this problem is due to the weakening or wear and tear of the white hard layer of the enamel (which protects the teeth), such To reduce the tingling of the teeth, mixing alum powder in lukewarm water and gargling can provide a lot of relief from the problem of tingling.
  • Beneficial in removing tooth decay – It is often seen that due to eating more sweet things or not cleaning the teeth properly, due to the bacteria present in the mouth, tooth decay becomes a problem. This problem is seen in most of the young children, in this case, if alum is used as a home remedy to avoid tooth decay, then the anti-bacterial properties present in it are very beneficial in eliminating the bacteria that cause tooth decay. For this, mixing alum, a pinch of cinnamon powder and rock salt with water, massaging its paste daily and rinsing with water can prevent tooth decay.
  • Bleeding from teeth or gums Due to bleeding from the teeth or gums of many people, their teeth become weak and break prematurely, in such a situation, to strengthen the teeth and remove the problem of bleeding, take 1 gram of alum powder in 1 glass. Mixing warm water and a pinch of rock salt in it and gargling two to three times a day ends the problem of bleeding teeth.
  • Bad breath – Many times the bacteria accumulated in the mouth increases due to lack of cleanliness in the teeth, in such a situation, to remove the bad breath, mix one gram of alum powder and a pinch of rock salt in water and rinse it daily, it kills the growing bacteria in your mouth. It will be very beneficial in reducing and getting rid of respiratory problems.


What happens by applying alum on the teeth?

According to a health study, the medicinal properties found in alum greatly benefit our oral health. By applying it on the teeth, the cavity accumulated in our teeth is also destroyed.

How to apply alum on teeth?

Whenever there is a toothache, it can be reduced by using alum. For this, you have to mix alum powder in a glass of water and gargle with it. Along with this, the bad odor coming in the mouth can also be reduced by this.

What should not be eaten in toothache?

You should always avoid eating starchy things when you have a toothache. It is found in bread-potatoes etc. Also, avoid eating too much sweet and chili things.

Why do teeth ache fast?

The cause of toothache is infection or cavity in the mouth. If it is left like this, then it can also spoil the gums. If the pain is more then show it to the dentist soon

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