Various indices released in 2022 and India’s rank. List Of Index Ranking 2022


From time to time, various countries of the world are ranked on the basis of various parameters at the global level by various institutions of the world. Under these standards, various issues related to food security, employment, education, health, drinking water, life-expectancy, standard of living, environment, human conditions, transparency, people’s access to government facilities, corruption and people’s rights are included. . Through these indexes, important information is obtained regarding the economic, social and political conditions of different countries. Also, these indexes have an important contribution in determining the policies of the government of any country. Through today’s article we will tell you Various indices released in 2022 and India’s rank in these indices (List Of Index Ranking 2022) Providing relevant information.

India’s rank in various global indices is often asked in various competitive examinations, so this article is going to be very important for the students preparing for all the competitive examinations.

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India's Rank, List Of Index Ranking
India’s rank in global indices

List Of Index Ranking 2022

Here you have been given information about various global indices released by various global institutions. Along with this, the name of the institute displaying these indices and other important information related to it has also been given. India Ranking in Various Index 2022 Complete details are given here:-

Sl.No. Index Name (Index Name) India’s Rank Top Country Issuing Institution (Released by)
1. Global Hunger Index 2022 107 17 including Belarus Welt Hunger Hilfe and Concern World Wide
2. Global Innovation Index 2022 40 Switzerland World Intellectual Property Organization
3. Hanley Passport Index 2022 87 Japan and Singapore Hanley and Partners
5. Global Peace Index 2021 135 Ireland Economic and Peace Organization
6. food security index 2021 68 Iceland economic impact
7. Democracy Index 46 Norway Economics Intelligence Unit
8. world press freedom index 2022 150 Norway Reporters Without Borders
9. Chandler Good Government Index 2021 46 Finland Chandler Institute of Government
10. World Prosperity Index 136 Finland UNSDSN
11. United Nations Human Development Index 2021-22 132 Switzerland united nations development program
12. Corruption and Perception Index 2021 85 New Zealand, Finland and Denmark transparency International
13. Global Gender Gap Index 2022 135 Iceland World Economic Forum
14. COVID-19 Response Index 86 new zealand Lobhi Institute
15. Global Climate Risk Index 2021 7th Mozambique german watch
16. Economic Freedom Index 121 Singapore Foundation Heritage
17. Global Cyber ​​Security Index 2021 10 America international telecommunications union
18. Energy Transition Index 2021 87 Sweden world economic forum
19. Inclusive Internet Index 2021 49 Sweden Economic Intelligence Unit
20. Global Manufacturing Risk Index 2021Startup Ecosystem Index 2021 23 America Couchman and Wakefieldstart
21. Global Youth Development Index 2021 122 Singapore commonwealth secretariat
22. Startup Ecosystem Index 2021 3 America up-blinks
23. Sustainable Development Index 121 Finland UNOUS
24. Global Health Security Index 2021 66 America Bloomberg School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
25. international intellectual property index 40 America Chamber of Commerce
26. Environmental Performance Index 2022 180 Denmark Yale and Columbia University
27. Global Drug Policy Index 2021 18 Norway Harm Reduction Consortium
28. asia power index 2021 4 America Lowy Institute, Australia
29. World Competitiveness Index 2022 37 Denmark IMD
30. speedtest global index 79 Norway and Singapore Ookla
India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022

India’s rank in various indices released in 2022

Here you have been provided with important information related to India’s rank and index in 2022 in all important global indices. The related data is important for various competitive exams.

Global Hunger Index-2022 (Global Hunger Index 2022)

  • global hunger index Welt Hunger Hilfe and Concern World Wide Issued annually by
  • Through the Global Hunger Index, the ranking of different countries is released through the data related to hunger in different countries of the world.
  • Global Hunger Index released in the year 2022 as reported by India in 121 countries of the world 107th The place has been gross 29.1 score With this, India is included in the world’s most hungry countries.
  • A total of 17 countries including Belarus, China and Brazil have been placed at the top of the Global Hunger Index. Yemen has been placed at the end of this list, whose rank is 121.
  • The data related to the Global Hunger Index-2022 has been rejected by the Government of India and it has been accused of damaging the country’s image by terming the related report as containing erroneous and incorrect data.

Global Innovation Index 2022

  • Global Innovation Index every year World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)) is released by
  • Through this index, various countries are ranked on the basis of programs related to innovation and research in various countries. This index shows the status of innovation in a country.
  • In the Global Innovation Index 2022, Switzerland, America and Sweden have got the top position among the top countries of the world.
  • Global Innovation Index 2022 in India rank of 40th Is. India has jumped 6 places in this index as compared to last time.

Henley Passport Index 2022

  • Hanley Passport Index 2022 by Hanley & Partners Issued annually by the organization.
  • This index ranks how powerful a country’s passport is. This index is generally based on how many countries a country’s passport gets Visa on Arrival facility and other facilities.
  • Japan And Singapore 192 Hanley is the top ranked country in the Passport Index 2022 with scores.
  • Henley Passport Index 2022 in India ranking of 87th Has been

World Press Freedom Index 2022

  • Reporters Without Borders The World Press Freedom Index is released annually by the
  • On the basis of this index, the concerned country is ranked on the basis of the status of journalists in different countries. This index is important from the point of view of security of journalists in any country.
  • World Press Freedom Index 2022 in India Rank of in 180 countries of the world 150th Is.
  • The most unsafe country in the world for journalists is North Korea while the safest countries include Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Global Peace Index-2022

  • The Global Peace Index is based in Sydney. Institute for Economics and Peace Issued annually by
  • In this index, the countries concerned in domestic and international policies, including peace and other issues, have a total 23 points Ranked through.
  • Global Peace Index 2022 in India in 162 countries 135th number is on India ranks third among the most troubled countries in South Asia.
  • In this index, Iceland is considered the most peaceful country in the world. Along with this, New Zealand, Denmark and Austria are the top countries in this list.


  • The Corruption Perceptions Index, released by Transparency International, provides important statistics related to business corruption at various levels in any country.
  • any country in the Corruption Perceptions Index 100 marks Where 0 means high-corruption and 100 means zero-corruption.
  • India’s rank among 180 countries in the world based on the Corruption Perceptions Index 2021 report 85th Is.
  • New Zealand, Finland and Denmark top the index with 88 points, while African countries South Sudan and Somalia are at the bottom.

Human Development Index 2022 (HDI-2022)

  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Every year the data related to the Human Development Index of different countries of the world is collected.
  • The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ranks any country on the basis of a total of three parameters in the Human Development Index. This includes health, education and employment (per capita income).
  • Human Development Index in India rank of 132 Is. India’s rank in the year 2020 was 130.

Global gender gap index 2022

  • World Economic Forum (WEFGlobal Gender Inequality Index is one of the most important index in the report released by .
  • Through this index, any country is ranked on the basis of issues related to gender gap in different countries of the world.
  • Global gender gap index 2022 According to India rank of 140 Is. A total of 156 countries of the world have been included in this index.
  • Iceland, Finland and Norway have topped the index.

Democracy Index 2021-2

  • Every year, the Democracy Index is highlighted by the Economics Intelligence Unit on the state of democracy in the countries of the world.
  • Democracy Index 2021-2 as reported by India rank of 46th Has been A total of 167 countries of the world have been included in this report.
  • Norway, Finland and New Zealand have topped the index while North Korea is at the bottom of the list.

World Happiness Index 2022 (World Happiness Report 2022)

  • United Nations The World Happiness Report released by the World Happiness Report provides statistics regarding the happiness of the citizens of any country.
  • In this report, any country is ranked on the basis of happiness, health, economic condition, transparency, help in difficult situations and other parameters.
  • World Prosperity Index According to India Rank of in 146 countries of the world 136th Is. According to this list, Pakistan standing at 121st place is a happier country than India.
  • Finland first, Denmark second and Iceland ranked third in the World Happiness Index 2022.

Environmental Performance Index 2022

  • On the basis of Environmental Performance Index, various countries are ranked on the basis of efforts being made in their environmental protection.
  • In this index, any country has a total 40 performance factors Rank is determined on the basis of.
  • Environmental Performance Index 2022 India according to the world Lowest rank among 180 countries In other words 180th number is on Along with this, Nigeria has also been placed on the same footing.
  • Denmark has topped the Environmental Performance Index 2022 and UK and Finland have also got second and third place respectively in the list.

In this way, through this article, you have been provided with important information regarding various indices released in the year 2022. Along with this, you have also been informed about India’s position in various indices and other important facts.

Other information :-

Various index released in 2022 and India’s rank related questions (FAQ)

According to the Global Hunger Index 2022, what is the rank of India?

According to the Global Hunger Index-2022, India’s rank has been 107th among 121 countries. However, the figures and facts published in this report have been rejected by the government through various objections.

What is the rank of Indian passport in the world on the basis of Hanley Passport Index 2022?

Based on the Hanley Passport Index 2022, India’s passport has been ranked as the 87th most powerful passport in the world.

What is the rank of India in the World Press Freedom Index 2022?

India has been ranked 150 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2022. This index is released by an organization called Reporters Without Borders.

Provide information related to various indices released in 2022 and India’s rank?

Read the above article to get information related to List Of Index Ranking 2022 and India’s rank. Here you have been provided with detailed information in this regard.

What is the rank of India in the World Happiness Index 2022?

India’s rank in the World Happiness Index 2022 is 136 out of 146 countries in the world.

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