What is SC ST and OBC full form?


You all must be familiar with the fact that there are many types of citizens living in the country of India and each citizen belongs to a different caste or religion. Due to being people of many castes, they have been kept in different categories. Whenever we go to fill any government form or fill any document, then there is a section of caste in which we do not mention our caste as SC, ST. And one of the OBC fills. On the basis of which relaxation is also available on the basis of category in government jobs and other facilities. Apart from castes, minority religions have also been kept in these categories. Like people of Muslim religion come in OBC, if you also want to know in which category do you come? And these classes are divided into SC, ST and OBC? Full form of SC, ST, and OBC know ?

If you do not know then be relaxed because today through this article we are going to tell you what are SC, ST and OBC and what is their full form?

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What is the full form of SC, ST and OBC?
What is the full form of SC, ST and OBC?

SC, ST and OBC Full Form

What is the full form of SC – SC Ki Full Form

SC ie – Scheduled Castes which is called Scheduled Castes in Hindi

scheduled caste / grade Such castes have been kept in the list which are economically backward as well as socially backward. since independence scheduled Castes are considered to be of a lower caste. There has been discrimination against them due to which they could not get equal opportunities to move forward. In this class those castes have been included who work like washing clothes, scavenging, fishing and cleaning drains.

People of these castes are not allowed to touch the people of higher castes. These castes have had to go through a lot of tortures for a long time. But now the condition is not the same, the people of these castes are also known as Dalits. Gandhiji has given special names like Valmiki and Harijan to the people of this class.

OBC Caste List PDF: See which caste comes in OBC.

What is the full form of ST – ST Ki Full Form

ST ie – Scheduled Tribe which is called Scheduled Tribe in Hindi

ST are the tribals of India who live in the forest, there are also nomadic tribals. They are not part of any organized religion – they are considered outcasts. They have their own dressing style, traditions, food and culture. Due to the people of these castes living in the forest, they do not have much contact with the outside world, due to which the people of this caste are deprived of government facilities. But in many areas of the Northeast, the condition of the Scheduled Tribes is better than before.

What is the full form of OBC – OBC Ki Full Form

OBC means – Other Backward Caste which is called other backward class in Hindi

The people belonging to this category are also known as Other Backward Classes. Apart from ST, SC, the third class who gets reservation in government jobs or schemes are the people of OBC class, these people come in OBC, many castes coming in between the upper and lower class. Castes falling in this category are considered economically backward. Apart from many backward castes, minorities like Muslim religion also come in OBC.

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Full form of SC ST and OBC

For which class of people 15% seats have been reserved?

15% seats have been reserved for SC category people.

What are the special names given by Gandhiji to the lower class people?

Gandhiji has given special names like Valmiki and Harijan to the lower class people.

What is the full form of OBC?

The full form of OBC is Other Backward Classes.

Who are counted among the people of ST classes?

Tribals are counted in ST categories.

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